Tote Bag and Canvas bag

A Tote Bag is the most versatile bag you will ever own. They are very
durable and long lasting, if taken care of they will last you for years
and years. Also, these bags have a million uses. They can be used as
shopping bags, gym bags, work bags, beach bags, overnight bags, school
bags, knitting bags, laptop bags and have many more uses.

Overall, the material of tote bag should be picked depending on its
usage. Canvas cotton bags are more sturdy compared to cotton bags
because canvas tote bags are intensely sewn during their manufacturing
stage. Hence, they can carry heavier items and last more years compared
to cotton tote bags.

Produced in Tamil Nadu, India

Tamil Nadu is a global hub for weaving and knit wear contributing to 90% of the cotton exports from India. The textile industry provides employment to over 600 000 people.

Shipping being convenient , Our Factory is located near the port city of Tuticorin (India ) 12 hours Sailing to port of Colombo and Direct Vessels to Central Europe and with 3 weeks of transit time and 4 weeks of Transit time to the United States of America



This is certainly true when you talk about organic cotton . An organic grower providers healthy, wholesome products that takes care of us and the environment, as an investment in our future.
It is grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. This cotton is certified .

Our Infrastructure

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