The bag that empowers

We make and design a simple reusable bag, that empower Indian communities and stand for the planet when used. Experience our bag, easy to carry, and delightful to use.

Empowering villages

Each bag is hand-made by a woman in need of support, becoming a channel to the outside world & also a way of economical aid. Every time a bag is bought the opportunities grow for these women and their families

Building Community

A bag is a seed of change, it’s an identity of consciousness towards a more wholesome planet, and it is connecting more and more people across the globe, join in!

Welcome to a Green Commitment

We believe every individual has a social responsibility to protect our planet, it is a global challenge .We contribute to the society by selling our Eco-friendly cotton bags which replaces plastic bags .
We welcome you to join us to search for a new idea to become greener because it is now the high time to do our own share in protecting earth and her all wonderful creatures.

Say not to Plastic

In the present day people have become more aware of the need to save the environment. From individuals to companies everyone seems to be doing their own bit to do so. If you want to take an environment friendly step, then say “No to Plastic” is the best thing to do. Single use plastic bags are also well known for their interference in ecosystems.

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